Welcome to the one of the leading Swaziland Business, Immigration and I . T consultation company QADKAM Limited.

If you Register a new Company in Swaziland, you can apply your WORK PERMIT as a company director/share holder. The government of the Kingdom of Swaziland warmly welcomes the Foreign investment in different sectors.

The complete procedure to register a company in Kingdom of Swaziland takes only 2 weeks to 4 weeks  and then you may start your Swaziland Visa / Swaziland Work Permit process which can be completed in just 2 weeks. For complete Swaziland Company Registration procedure, please Click Here.

QADKAM has expanded it’s operational network upto U.K and now QADKAM is also registered with Companies House, U.K.

The profile of QADKAM U.K Limited registered No.(07590177) is also available on British Government’s official website of “Companies House, U.K”.

QADKAM is already having it’s corporate entity in Malaysia and has gained the status of one of the leading Malaysian Relocation Company. Corporate Profile of QADKAM Sdn Bhd, Malaysia is also available for public on official website of “Companies Commission of Malaysia”.

As a company responsible for bringing many new businesses to Swaziland, QADKAM also hosts “Explore Swaziland” seminars through out the world, where we discuss the benefits of company formation and company relocation with interested companies and investors. In addition to the such seminars held across the world, we also personally arrange meetings with companies and attend conferences to assist the investors to explore the Kingdom of Swaziland.

QADKAM has clients from all over the world including Pakistan, Iran, India, Bangladesh, and Arab countries to register a brand new company in the Kingdom of Swaziland and have successfully obtained Swaziland Work Permits. Even many of them also have obtained Swaziland Passport by staying in the Kingdom of Swaziland for a specified period. It is very simple if you conduct business in the Kingdom of Swaziland and want to make Swaziland your country of citizenship.

For companies and individuals, our professionally trained and certified team of lawyers and relocation consultants specialize in facilitating the establishment of businesses and providing Business Consultancy to those who wish to register a new company in the Kingdom of Swaziland and want to apply Swaziland Work Permit as company Director/Shareholder.