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South Africa is a business hub in African continent. South Africa is always open for business. To start business in South Africa is now becoming even more complex for sub-continental nationalities.

Many businessmen from Australia, Malaysia, Middle East, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh wants to start business in South Africa. Applying South African visa or Business visa for South Africa or South Africa Work Permit  also requires some certain documentation. If you are from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh or from Iran or from any Arab country, QADKAM is the right option for you to start business in South African neighboring country Swaziland.

If you have Swaziland Passport, you don’t need to apply prior visa for many countries even for Canada, Ireland and South Africa. Swaziland Work Permit holders also can visit many countries with less requirements of visa for many countries.

Swaziland Work Permit

Once you have registered a company in Swaziland, you can apply Work Permit as “Company Director”.

QADKAM may assist you to obtain Work Permits for company Directors in Swaziland.
For immigration considerations, there is need to submit work/residence entry Permit application to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Swaziland.

For applying Swaziland Work Permit as investors, the following documents need to be submitted:-

  • A completed Form (Form 3)
  • Medical certificate (Form 19)
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Form J (list of Directors)
  • Form C (list of shareholders)
  • Memorandum of articles and association
  • Covering Letter;
  • Two passport size photos; and
  • Police Clearance from home country
  • Certified copy of passport
  • Lease Agreements

There are several different classes of entry permits for people wishing to live in Swaziland, and for investors the classes are as follows:

Class D – agriculture and animal husbandry
Class E  – prospecting for minerals or mining
Class F  – trade, business or non-prescribed profession
Class G – manufacturing
Class H – prescribed professions

Class D applications should submit necessary permits to the Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operatives, Class E applications must have a mining right license from the Department of Geological Surveys and Mines, while Class F and G applications must furnish a Trading License.

At the time of submissions for Swaziland Work Permit application, the applicant will receive a dated receipt to help track applications; there is currently no application fee.  At this point, the Ministry forwards the application to the police to ensure that the applicant has no criminal record.  Once cleared by the police, the application goes to the Training and Localization Committee. Subsequently, the application goes to the Temporary Residence Permit Committee which makes the decision on the applicant.  This committee includes officials from the Ministries of Home Affairs, Enterprise and Employment, and Justice.  The Ministry of Enterprise and Employment is responsible for judging whether the business is viable and may require a business plan and interview to ask questions regarding the proposed business.

Once the Committee makes its decision, the Ministry writes a letter to the applicant.  The applicant then goes to the Ministry’s accounts office to pay for the Permit.  The Permit must then be signed by the Chief Immigration Officer and the Accounts office.  If the application is complete, the Ministry’s target is to issue entry permits within two to three (2-3) weeks.

Entry permits are granted for periods up to five (5) years although the applicant should justify the request.  This justification can be based on the level of exports or jobs to be created, or because a commercial bank refuses to provide a loan to those with only a two-year entry permit.  In general, most applicants – both investors and employees – receive a two-year permit.

Entry Permit fees are as follows:-
one year   – E1200 / US$169.01
two years   – E2400 / US$338.02
The fees are the same for renewals.

If you regsiter a company through QADKAM, thern feel FREE. Our professional fee includes the Work Permit for Company Directors.

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Swaziland Passport:

Swaziland is a landlocked country bordering to South Africa. Swazi People from Swaziland to South Africa can enter without any visa restriction if they carrying their travel documents.

Swaziland has very close relationship with South Africa even it’s currency is also linked to South African “Rand”.


Swazi passport holders have on arrival/visa free entry into many countries.

CANADA (from October, 2012 under visa required country), IRELAND, GEORGIA, MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE, SOUTH KOREA issues on arrival visa to Swazis. Please contact directly to your destination country for updated information.


    •  Botswana 90 days
    •  Burundi Visa issued upon arrival
    •  Cape Verde Visa issued upon arrival
    •  Comoros Visa issued upon arrival
    •  Djibouti 10 day (DJF 3,000) or 1 month (DJF 5,000) visa issued upon arrival
    •  Egypt 14 day visa issued upon arrival for visiting South Sinal resorts
    •  Kenya 3 months
    •  Lesotho 14 days
    •  Madagascar 90 day visa issued upon arrival for MGA 140,000
    •  Malawi 90 days
    •  Mauritius 60 days (tourist) or 90 days (business)
    •  Mozambique 1 month
    •  Namibia 3 months
    •  Seychelles 1 month
  •  South Africa 30 days
  •  Tanzania
  •  Togo 7 day visa issued upon arrival
  •  Uganda 6 months
  •  Zambia 90 days
  •  Zimbabwe 3 months


    •  Anguilla 3 months
    •  Antigua and Barbuda 1 month
    •  Bahamas 3 months
    •  Barbados 6 months
    •  Belize 1 month
    •  British Virgin Islands 30 days Elamangeni 900 for the visa
  •  Cayman Islands 30 days
  •  Dominica 21 days
  •  Ecuador 90 days
  •  Grenada 3 months
  •  Haiti 3 months
  •  Jamaica 6 months
  •  Montserrat 3 months
  •  Saint Kitts and Nevis 3 months
  •  Saint Lucia 6 week visa issued upon arrival for $50
  •  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 1 month
  •  Trinidad and Tobago 90 days
  •  Turks and Caicos Islands 30 days


    •  Armenia 120 day visa issued on arrival for AMD 15,000 [1]
    •  Azerbaijan 30 day visa issued upon arrival for $100
    •  Bangladesh 90 day visa issued upon arrival for $50 (available at Dhaka Shahjalal International Airport)
    •  Cambodia 30 day visa issued upon arrival for $20 (tourist) or $25 (business)
    •  Georgia Visa issued upon arrival (available at airports)
    •  Hong Kong 90 days
    •  Israel 3 months
    •  Kuwait Visa issued upon arrival (90 days)
    •  Laos 15 day visa issued upon arrival for $30
    •  Macau 30 day visa isseud upon arrival
    •  Malaysia 2 months
  •  Maldives 30 days
  •  Philippines 21 days
  •  Singapore 30 days
  •  South Korea 30 days
  •  Syria Visa issued upon arrival
  •  Timor-Leste 30 day visa issued upon arrival for $30


  •  Ireland 3 months
  •  Kosovo 90 days


  •  Cook Islands 31 days (tourist) or 21 days (business)
  •  Fiji 4 months
  •  Federated States of Micronesia 30 days
  •  Nauru 30 days
  •  Niue 30 days
  •  Palau 30 days
  •  Western Samoa 60 days
  •  Tuvalu 1 month
  •  Vanuatu 30 days