SWAZILAND, a gateway to Africa and African Market

Kingdom of Swaziland is distinguished from all other African countries as there is a “Continuity” of policies in the government. Swaziland is country where the Kingship is loved and deeply respected by it’s citizens. People love their King. Swaziland is governed under a form of constitutional monarchy.

His Majesty King Mswati III is the ruler and head of  the state (since 25th April 1986) while Prime Minister Barnabas Sibusiso Dlamini is head of government (since 16 October, 2008)

Swaziland is very neat and clean country. Cleanliness, Zero Crime rate, Strategic location, Lavish green mountains, tax incentives, easy business set up procedure, swift approval of work permits for businessmen, and  climate (10° C to 25C°) are the Top reasons to attract the international investors/businessmen.

Many businessmen from Middle East (specially from Egypt, Iran, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Syria and UAE)  Sub-Continent ( Specially from Pakistan and India) and South East Asia/Far East (Specially from Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia,  Myanmar and Australia) wants to start business in Africa.

Africa is very BIG MARKET which has too much potential in every sector. When the matters comes for the relocation or business set up then every businessman needs security and peace of mind regarding his/her investment in a foreign country. Kingdom of Swaziland is the BEST COUNTRY for any type of business in any sector.

Kingdom of Swaziland is FULL of natural resources. It has big reserves of Diamond, Gold, Iron, Coal and many other precious minerals.

Mining sector is still waiting for International Investors to “Come and Explore Swaziland”. There are many “easy to explore”  mines are waiting for investors.

Agriculture and Manufacturing sector is also waiting for International Investors. Manufacturing sector can be a very successful business for any International investor as the skilled/unskilled labour is very cheap in Swaziland.

Commodities sector has a great potential. There is a requirement of many new shopping malls and stores as the economy of Swaziland is continuously growing day by day.

Food and Beverage sector is also looking for investment. Still many famous brands ( for example MacDonald, Sub-way, AFC, Pizza Hut) are yet to be opened. Investment is this sector from small or medium scale investors can be a very very successful in return.

Durban (South African port) is directly linked with Matsapha (Swaziland) through railway.

Swazi nation is WELL RESPECTED nation in the world. Swazi Passport holders don’t need to apply prior visa for many countries even for Ireland, South Korea, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia. Swaziland Work Permit holders also can visit many countries with less requirements of visa for many countries to expand their Swazi business into other parts of the world.

Swaziland Work Permit
Swaziland Government warmly welcomes the Foreigner Investors. Government has taken many steps to facilitate the International Investors/Businessmen. Once you have registered a company in Swaziland, you can apply Work Permit as “Company Director”.  As, Swaziland has limited diplomatic representation, the work permits for Businessmen/Investors are approved Directly by Immigration Department in Mbabane, Swaziland.

Swaziland Special Facilitation Center in Malaysia for Investors

Once a work permit has been approved, you may collect your Work Permit approval letter DIRECTLY from office of Special Envoy of HRH Princess Sikhanyiso for Investment Promotion, Kingdom of Swaziland who has camp office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to facilitate the foreigner investors. Furthermore, once your work permit has already been approved, you may get “Stamped Visa” from Swaziland embassy in Malaysia. The camp office of Special Envoy for Investment Promotion, Kingdom of Swaziland will facilitate all the business setup process FREE for investors.

Please note; Swaziland embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is also designated for Bangladesh, Iran, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

For immigration considerations, there is a need to submit work/residence entry Permit application to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Swaziland.

For applying Swaziland Work Permit as investors, the following documents need to be submitted:-

  • A completed Form (Form 3)
  • Medical certificate (Form 19)
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Form J (list of Directors)
  • Form C (list of shareholders)
  • Memorandum of articles and association
  • Covering Letter;
  • Two passport size photos; and
  • Police Clearance from home country
  • Certified copy of passport
  • Lease Agreements

There are several different classes of entry permits for people wishing to live in Swaziland, and for investors the classes are as follows:

Class D – agriculture and animal husbandry
Class E  – prospecting for minerals or mining
Class F  – trade, business or non-prescribed profession
Class G – manufacturing
Class H – prescribed professions

Class D applications should submit necessary permits to the Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operatives, Class E applications must have a mining right license from the Department of Geological Surveys and Mines, while Class F and G applications must furnish a Trading License.

At the time of submissions for Swaziland Work Permit application, the applicant will receive a dated receipt to help track applications; there is currently no application fee.  At this point, the Ministry forwards the application to the police to ensure that the applicant has no criminal record.  Once cleared by the police, the application goes to the Training and Localization Committee. Subsequently, the application goes to the Temporary Residence Permit Committee which makes the decision on the applicant.  This committee includes officials from the Ministries of Home Affairs, Enterprise and Employment, and Justice.  The Ministry of Enterprise and Employment is responsible for judging whether the business is viable and may require a business plan and interview to ask questions regarding the proposed business.

Once the Committee makes its decision, the Ministry writes a letter to the applicant.  The applicant then goes to the Ministry’s accounts office to pay for the Permit.  The Permit must then be signed by the Chief Immigration Officer and the Accounts office.  If the application is complete, the Ministry’s target is to issue entry permits within two to three (2-3) weeks.

Entry permits are granted for periods up to five (5) years although the applicant should justify the request.  This justification can be based on the level of exports or jobs to be created, or because a commercial bank refuses to provide a loan to those with only a two-year entry permit.  In general, most applicants – both investors and employees – receive a two-year permit.

Swaziland Visa Fee      Swaziland Visa Form
Swaziland Work Permit Form

Please Click Here to register a company in Swaziland to apply Swaziland Work Permit

Swaziland Passport:

Swaziland is a landlocked country bordering to South Africa. Swazi People, from Swaziland to South Africa can enter without any visa restriction if they carrying their travel documents.

Swaziland has very close relationship with South Africa even it’s currency is also linked to South African “Rand”.


Swazi nation is well respected nation in the world. Swazi passport holders have on arrival/visa free entry into many countries.

IRELAND, GEORGIA, MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE, SOUTH KOREA issues on arrival visa to Swazis. Please contact directly to your destination country for updated information.

Below is the  detail of the countries where Swaziland Passport holders enjoy Visa On Arrival OR Visa Free entry:


  •  Botswana 90 days
  •  Burundi Visa issued upon arrival
  •  Cape Verde Visa issued upon arrival
  •  Comoros Visa issued upon arrival
  •  Djibouti 10 day (DJF 3,000) or 1 month (DJF 5,000) visa issued upon arrival
  •  Egypt 14 day visa issued upon arrival for visiting South Sinal resorts
  •  Kenya 3 months
  •  Lesotho 14 days
  •  Madagascar 90 day visa issued upon arrival for MGA 140,000
  •  Malawi 90 days
  •  Mauritius 60 days (tourist) or 90 days (business)
  •  Mozambique 1 month
  •  Namibia 3 months
  •  Seychelles 1 month
  •  South Africa 30 days
  •  Tanzania
  •  Togo 7 day visa issued upon arrival
  •  Uganda 6 months
  •  Zambia 90 days
  •  Zimbabwe 3 months


  •  Anguilla 3 months
  •  Antigua and Barbuda 1 month
  •  Bahamas 3 months
  •  Barbados 6 months
  •  Belize 1 month
  •  British Virgin Islands 30 days Elamangeni 900 for the visa
  •  Cayman Islands 30 days
  •  Dominica 21 days
  •  Ecuador 90 days
  •  Grenada 3 months
  •  Haiti 3 months
  •  Jamaica 6 months
  •  Montserrat 3 months
  •  Saint Kitts and Nevis 3 months
  •  Saint Lucia 6 week visa issued upon arrival for $50
  •  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 1 month
  •  Trinidad and Tobago 90 days
  •  Turks and Caicos Islands 30 days


  •  Armenia 120 day visa issued on arrival for AMD 15,000 [1]
  •  Azerbaijan 30 day vis

101 Responses to Swaziland Work Permit

  • Qaiser Amin says:

    Hi Dear Sir/Mdm,

    I am Qaiser Amin from Pakistan and I have a more than 18 years of Tunneling Job Experience in different countries as Tunnel Supervisor or Sr.Tunnel Supervisor or Excavation Supervisor or Site Supervisor, A few months ago i have finish my tunnel project in Singapore and now i am in my home country staying with family, And in this free time i am planing to start my own business i have capital about in U$D:60,000 and also my own house and some land, and i would like to know can i start my business in Swaziland? How can i apply my family visa of Swaziland to settle in your country thanks you Sir.

    • Swazi says:

      Qaiser Amin>> Swaziland really a such country where you can easily settle and can have a good earnings as well in very low investment. Please check the details in your inbox, we have already emailed you. Furthermore, you can get free assistance from Swaziland Special Envoy of HRH for Investment Promotion, Kingdom of Swaziland. Special Envoy office is located in Kuala Lumpur where Swaziland High embassy for Pakistan is also located.

  • Ezeadikwa Theophilus says:

    I am a nigerian. I am also a civil Engineer working in Abuja, Nigeria. I will like to get more information about swaziland work permit and relocation.

  • Amir Mukhtar Ashrafi says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am Interested to start Electronics Equipments Business in Swaziland. Currently I live in Pakistan. Please guide me easiest way to Start business in kingdom of Swaziland. Hope to hear you soon .

    Thanks you
    Amir Mukhtar Ashrafi

  • mohammed jimmy says:


    my self Mohammed from Mozambique. working in company in Maputo need Work Permit and need to work there .so please guide me for this and help,

  • nasir mahood says:

    Hello sir iam pakistani and i work in amrica south chile my business in usd cars japnees now iwant toset buisines in sawaziland plz tel me how i can get visa in pakistan becase now i am at vocations in my homeland pakistan so i use my time to setup a new buisines in sawziland plz reply as soon as posible thanks

  • Devendra chauhan says:

    I am from India . I apply in cricket club of Swaziland and they selected me . i want to know what type visa required for a cricket player there & send me information about rule of law . please provide reply in my mail . thank you

    • Swazi says:

      Devendra Chauhan>> You may ask your club to apply visa for you. Alternatively, if you need QADKAM assistance, let us know to assist you in getting your Swaziland visa just 2 weeks.

  • l am a Zimbabwean qualified as an Auto Electrician and have experience on Agriculture Equipment and Earthmoving Equipment especially in Sugar lndustry. l need to apply for a Swaziland work permit and work and stay in Swaziland how can l go about this.

  • emeka obiora says:

    Good day sir/madam
    Please am a nigerian with a valid passport,am 27years of age will my secondary school certificate.i will like to know how much it will cost me to a work permit in SWAZILAND.and also,what the monthly pay looks like as well as the kind of jobs and also maximum and minimum amount to be paid monthly.i hope to hear to hear from you .
    emeka obiora

  • senthil says:

    i am senthil from india i am interested to setup a small scale business in swaziland my budget is ard 50k us dollars i want to know what is the procedure to obtain to start a business i look forward for you reply

    • Swazi says:

      senthil>> Setting up business in Swaziland is very simple and easy and you can get Swaziland work permit very easily through QADKAM Worldwide. Swaziland Government is very friendly with Foreigner investors. Even a small or medium scale can be good startup in Swaziland. One of QADKAM consultants has replied to you. Please check your email inbox.

  • iram naqvi says:

    hy,i m pakistani national.i m runing a takeaway in south africa durban.But i want to invest in swaziland also.so just tell me the requirements n how much capital i must have.with lots of regards

    • Swazi says:

      naqvi>> setting up business is v easy and simple in Swaziland. around US$ 4000 you can start a small scale business (Kiosk) very easily in Swaziland. If interested, please send us your contact number so that our local consultant in South Africa may contact you and arrange a meeting with you in person to assist you.



    I would like more information on my scenario. My husband has a valid work permit for Swaziland an he is currently working there. We are both Zimbabweans. I am applying to be on his permit as well.
    However, i am an Estate Agent registered in Namibia and was working in Namibia all along, but would want to settle with my husband and work in Real Estate as well.
    My question is, on the permit that i will get as a result of my husband, will it be legal for me to work?
    Please assist me, I cannot picture the idea of being a housewife indefinitely when i have so much to offer.

    Thanks already.


    • Swazi says:

      Juby>> As your husband is already having Swaziland work permit, you are automatically entitled to get “Dependent Pass” to stay and work legally in Swaziland. Please ask your husband to contact our consultant in Manzini (Swaziland) to assist him to get your Swaziland Dependent Pass in just few days.

  • Manuel says:

    Hello, i need to know how to get a job permit to work i Swaziland.

  • shohag chowdhury says:

    I need a good work parmit visa.

  • Tarun Shivhare says:

    I am Indian passport holder.I would like to have more details for total expenditure to register company,duration, and work visa in swaziland.Could you send me details for all proceed on my email id.

  • Rafiqul Islam says:

    I need NZ workpermit. How I will get work visa?

  • Agu Uchechukwu says:

    My name is Agu Uchechukwu daniel, a Nigerian liven in UAE, i will like to open a small scale phone accessories and repairs shop in Swaziland in near feature. What is the procedures for that before i can establishe it in Swaziland.

  • khurram Syed says:

    We belong to Pakistan.we are interested to set up company in swaziland for doing business their,pls.inform us the procedures and fee as soon as you can.
    K Syed

    • Swazi says:

      Syed>>Swaziland embassy which is designated for Pakistan is located in Malaysia where we have our partner, a leading Malaysian relocation company regulated by Companies Commission of Malaysia, “QADKAM Worldwide” which is also coordinates with the Swaziland embassy in Kuala Lumpur for the applicants from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Soon QADKAM professionals will be contacting you to assist you or alternatively you may visit QADKAM office in Kuala Lumpur for immediate assistance.

  • Khurram Syed says:

    I am from Pakistan and i intend to register my company in Swaziland. please i want to know the total cost in US dollars and i want to Get the requirement for registration of Company Please inform us the procedures and total cast of process with two directors visa

  • mohsin ali says:

    sir i want to start a super store in minzine in swaziland. my friend is already in businss there. what are the requirement of this business?????
    i am also a graduate of b.s.c (hons) animal science from uviversity of agriculture faisalabad can i get admision in master degree part time in university of swaziland ?????

  • ali says:

    hi sir am ali and i want Swaziland work visa details plz

  • sami says:

    Dear sir/Madam
    I am from Pakistan i have 3 months multiple visa of swaziland . i got it from Swaziland embassy kuala lumpur Malaysia . Now please tell me it is compulsory a transit visa of southafrica or not?

  • sami says:

    Dear sir/Madam
    I am from Pakistan i have 3 months multiple visa of swaziland . i got it from Swaziland embassy kuala lumpur Malaysia . Now please tell me it is compulsory a transit visa of southafrica or not?

  • nasir mohammed says:

    Sir,I’m from bangladesh living south africa past 7 yrs and holding asylam seeker,I’m doing small grossry here.I have a one of friend in sa he is swazi citizen,he encourge me 2 come swaziland and open small shop,so how I’m get vissa to go swazi

  • Edward says:

    I am a Nigerian citizen currently living in South Africa and would like to obtain a Swaziland work permit. How can I go about this and how much will it cost me. Please kindly reply.

  • alomgir kabir says:

    Dear sir,
    B noted plz,1.im staying in rsa wth asylum seeker close to seven yrs,im orginally 4m Bangladesh,i do have my passport without no visa,i mean blank page.will swaziland high commission in Johannesburg can help me?if I deposit $4300 include work permit.2.If any how after getting all those permit,if I faild to set up bizness or I need tym,is it my bizness license nd work permit will b cancelled,tht bizness licence 4 how many years include work permit nd tht bizness license renewed cost after expired,i mean tht bizness license 4 how many yrs,plz b noted nd reply bcz I lyk to b sure b4 invesment

  • Anselm says:

    Am a Nigeria but in mozambique with mozambique visa ,please i want to travel to swaziland ,

  • Syed wajahat ali says:

    I am interested in Swaziland for business pls send details how to apply visit or business visa

  • okotoghaide harrison E says:

    I am a from nigeria and I have been teaching maths and maths literacy up to grade 12 in south Africa, I am also a registered member of South African council of educators(SACE), also I have evaluated my degree with The department of higher education and training centre, South Africa, with REQV 14, due to the crime rate in south africa, I wish to relocate to swaziland and start up with teaching, how can you please help me to obtain my work permit? Please I need the details forwarded to my email. Looking forward to your reply, thanks.

  • shahid says:

    I am in south africa now bt I want swazi I’d or passport .
    Plz sir tell me how I get it

  • Nauman says:

    I am Nauman from Pakistan. I want to get work permit of swaziland.
    Please tell me the procedure, required documents, total amount.

  • Dr Khalid Sheikh says:

    Interested to start Education & Training business in Swaziland.

  • Hi, this is Raison from India. I completed Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I loves to work in your country. I am having 1 year marketing Experience. I loves to travel. If you have any idea means, please inbox me

  • Shameem Ahsan Bbhuiyan says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am From Bangladesh and citizen of Bangladesh .. I would like to set up a small business in Swaziland like ready made garments shop,or restaurent,or suitable any trade .so would you pls inform me to get Business registration in swaziland how much money and time needed?
    wait for reply.
    sinecerly yours .
    shameem Ahsan Bhuiyan.

  • Michael says:


    I need to travel into Swaziland for a few days of every month to do merchandising with our customers. We are a wholesale company and supply a whole range of goods to different retailers in the different cities.

    Do I need a work permit for this? If yes then what is the procedure and what term can I apply for.

    Many thanks,

    • Swazi says:

      Micheal>>It depends on your nationality. If you are South African citizen then you can enter Swaziland without visa (30days entry on arrival). But if you want to under take any work in Swaziland, then you MUST apply work permit to carry on your work in Swaziland as it is offense to engage in any work without Work Permit.

  • Bagcinile Gamedze says:

    Good morning

    I am a Swazi citizen and would like to know what are the requirements towards getting a work permit to work in South Africa? I have been offered a job at the
    University I will be studying at so to help pay my tuition fees.

    Will greatly appreciate your response.

    Kind Regards,

  • Dear sir,

    i am pakistani, i want start business in swaziland. i can spend 15000$ to 20000$.

    please guide me for work perment visa process.i want as soon as possible.

    age 25 year old.

    Waiting for your reply,
    Muzzamil Hussain

    • Swazi says:

      Muzzamil Hussain>> We tried to send you the email but cannot go through. Please provide us a valid email address/contact.


    am a Nigerian, and I would like to spend my 2014 annual leave/holiday in swaziland with my family.
    What are the visa requirements?

  • i want a work permit for any gulf countries instead of india

  • Bennie du Preez says:

    Good afternoon

    We are a company located in South Africa. We must do a revamp on a Total service station (Piggs Peak). Starting in January 2014.

    What documents must we have to work in Swaziland? Where do we get the correct forms to complete?

    Where do we get permission?
    Where do we submit the required documents?

    How long does approval take?

    • Swazi says:

      Preez>> Your company MUST be registered in Swaziland to apply work permits for it’s employees. You may contact QADKAM consultant in Swaziland for assistance to get Work Permit approved in time limit. Even our consultant can meet you up in South Africa.

  • Cecilia van Emmenis says:

    I am from a company in South-Africa. We are quoting for a job in Swaziland and would like to know how and where to apply for work permits and what the cost is. What other documents will your country require to work there? It will be only for one job so far.

    • Swazi says:

      To work in Swaziland, first you need to apply work permit. You may contact our office for further assistance or our consultant may meet you up in South Africa.

  • shahzad says:

    i am from Pakistan. i have got 2 years work permit of swaziland of manager post in a company. now i want to come via Johannesburg. so do i need a transit visa to use airport.. or its only imported for visitors?

    • Swazi says:

      shahzad>> Actually there is NO “Immigration Counter” in Transit Gates at O.R Tambo Air Port Johannesburg. Only the travel agent may ask you to get transit visa first otherwise there is no Immigration Counter at Transit Gates.. If you arrive at O.R Tambo Air Port, simply follow the way to “Transit Gate”. You will see there is NO “Immigration Counter” in “Transit Gates”. You simply follow to the Airline counter to get your boarding Pass for your flight to Matsapha (Swaziland).
      Alternatively, QATAR Airways has it’s operation for Mozambique. You can take a flight for Maputo (Mozambique) and then may enter in Swaziland from Maputo via Road. It’s just 3o minutes drive. Mozambique issues transit visa on arrival to Pakistanis traveling to Swaziland.
      Yoy may re-confirm the information from Mozambique authorities BEFORE your travel.

  • Abdulkuyyam says:

    I am Abdul kuyyam .international Admin officer.MIT BUSINESS COLLEGE.JOHANNESBURG.SOUTH AFRICA.I won’t bring bangladeshe.so i need business visa/work permit visa for Swaziland.
    I am interested to Representing in you company.pls send Terms and conditions.

    Your Truly


    Iam from kenya i aply swaziland permit nd iwant to stay sourth africa can i

  • mehedi hasan mamun says:

    Dear qadkam,
    I am Bangladehsi & i am stay in south africa with relative permit. I want to know what i need to do to get registration a company in swaziland & it will cost me how much. And how much mony i need as invest for small business.

  • Hassan Naveed says:

    i am from pakistan and i have much experience in agriculture field. I have completed Msc (hons) agricultural entomology. I have sufficient knowledge about the management of different crops and orchards for increase in production. So in this way i can be helpfull in increasing swaziland economy. So please guide me that how can i get visa as i have come to know that swaziland has termendous opportunity for agrarians. Unfortunately i have no much money to start business so please help me out of this problem because i have great interest to worl and live in swaziland. Waiting for your reply. Regards Hassan Naveed

  • Ashok Dhankhar says:

    Iam from India,interested to set up a company in Swaziland for doing business,please send me detailed information about set up a company,list of documents required for company set up and for visa/permit etc.,also for for procedure and documents required for financing the agro processing business etc.

  • Hemant Sharma says:

    I am Indian passport holder and currently working in Tanzania. i would like to open a small business like a medium size grocery shop in Swaziland. i can invest up to USD 50,000 kindly suggest what is the way forward and if i get Swazi passport what other countries doors can be open for me?..also regarding language is there any restriction??..i mean English can work??

  • I.L.D says:

    How can i get a swazi passort through a legal process?

  • Abu Shahadat Mohammad Saim says:

    Dear Sir, I am Abu Shahadat Mohammad Saim, citizen of Bangladesh. I am a textile engineer, doing job as a general manager in a composite textile garments manufacturing company. Now I would like to move to Swaziland with my family and do some textile business. Can you please help me. Looking forward for your reply. Thanks & best regards.
    Abu Shahadat Mohammad Saim.

  • Abu Shahadat Mohammad Saim says:

    Dear sir, I am a Bangladeshi citizen. I am a textile engineer, doing job in a composite garments manufacturing company. I would like to move to Swaziland with my family and do some textile business. Can you please help me. Looking forward for your reply. Thanks & best regards.
    Abu Shahadat Mohammad Saim

  • ali hossain says:

    i am from Bangladeshi now i am live in saudi arabia . we are interested to set up company in swaziland for doing business their about for Bicycle,pls.inform me how i am get visa for Swaziland.

  • ali hossain says:

    I will like to know going to swaziland about for looking workpermit..what can i do about for that.sir just can you info me how i want get swazi. visa.i am from bangladesh…..pls sir help me.


  • ali hossain says:

    I am from bangladesh and i intend to register my company in swaziland. please i want to know the total cost in US dollars and i want to Get the requirement for registration of Company .,pls.inform us the procedures and total fee

  • Sumit says:

    I am from nepal. I want to know what kind of business we can do in a small amount of investment of around USD 8-10000. Let me know about it.

  • meraz says:

    we are interested to set up company in swaziland for doing business their,pls.inform us the procedures n fee.

  • dinesh sharma says:

    hello sir
    i want go for work in swizerland.plz send me details and what expences are there…for work permit.
    new delhi

  • Muhammad Zayad says:

    Dear Sir, I am marine engineer from Pakistan. I have served in navy and have visited Malaysia many time. Actually I want to open a engineering company which will provide the repair maintenance facilities of different engines. Is there any scope for this field. Please let me know the ground realities.

  • imtiaz ahmad says:

    sir i am a pakistani. i want to start a small business in swaziland. so pls i want some information. pls help me and i have only 10000$

  • Ali says:

    hello, i am linked with textile business and am from Pakistan. I am looking for work permit for Swaziland but the main reason of obtaining work permit for Swaziland is to finally get PR and nationality of Swaziland. Please explain how likely are the chances of getting PR and then nationality of Swaziland.
    Time required for w. permit and how much it takes to get the nationality. I am already 38 years and 8 months


    • aijaz says:

      yar agar ap ko is ka rep mil gaya hai to mjhe b bata do k kese work permi mile ga swaziland ka plzz rep me i m waiting bro.

  • Syed Abdul Najeeb says:

    Dear Sir,

    I need to open a restaurant ot garment shop in Swaziland i would be highly obliged if you let me know the total cost of company registration and work pass fee.


    • Swazi says:

      Najeeb>> Total cost for company registration including Director Work Permit is around US$5300. On such company you will be able to do any lawful business and also will be entitled to bring your immediate family members (Wife, Children and Parents). You can start the process even from your own country. We can send you 1 Month Work Permit (Temporary Work Permit) for business setup in Swaziland, if you wish to register your company in Swaziland and want to do your own business in Swaziland.
      Please send us your Passport copy to issue you official Quotation at: info@swazilandvisa.com for further assistance.

  • Tahir khan says:

    I am B_S_C in agriculture from Faisalabad university of agriculture. I am interested to grow citric and mango fruits in Swaziland and want to export for europencontries. In this way i want to serve swazi nation and country. I red the climate of swaziland is ideal for this job. Please inform me can i get a piece of land inmpaca in Swaziland.

    • Swazi says:

      Tahir Khan>> Swaziland has a great potential in every business sector. Even, people owning a small groceries are earning around US$2000 to US$4000 per month. Agriculture sector is really ideal for a person who has Agri back ground. Please check you email inbox. One of our consultants has already replied you.


    • Nazmul says:

      I send you a email with my passport 7 days ago. but no response from you.

  • kamran ahmad says:

    Hi . You mentioned swaziland work permit holder can enter many countries with less requirements . Please can you let me know about swaziland work permit holder requirements for ireland ?

    I look forward to hearing from you soon .Regards Kamran

    • Swazi says:

      Kamran Ahmad>> Please have in mind..every sovereign state has it’s own visa policy. But it’s a fact that if you are holding a work permit of a country which has Visa Free or Visa on Arrival facility of different countries, then you may apply visa from such country very easily. In Swaziland, many countries have their diplomatic representation in Johannesburg or in Pretoria (South Africa). So, the Work Permit holder from Swaziland submits the documents to country of his destination through courier. If you attach the employment contract/business evidence of Swaziland with your visa application, you may get your visa very easily without interview. But please note..what we offering..we are offering a relocation and permanent business setup in Swaziland. If you maintain your business setup in Swaziland even you can get citizenship very easily through legal way. If you have to go to Ireland then DIRECTLY go to Ireland. But if you want to secure your future permanently, then come to Swaziland to explore the opportunities. By the way..Ireland is very strict in granting Permanent residence and Nationality. So please make the decision concrete!

    • Shofiul haque sohag says:

      Pless give me one visa

  • Adeel Ahmed says:

    I am from Pakistan and i intend to register my company in swaziland. please i want to know the total cost in US dollars and i want to Get the requirement for registration of Company .,pls.inform us the procedures and total fee

    • Swazi says:

      Adeel Ahmed>> To register a company in Swaziland including ONE Work Permit for a company Director will cost you US$5300. On such work permit, you will be able to bring your Dependants (i.e Wife, Parents and Children (under 21).
      On such work permit, you will be able to apply Permanent residence, after 3 years. Even before 3 years you can get PR through local chief recommendation.

      Never waste your money and time in such country where you cannot get the PR or nationality easily. Swaziland is the best options for those who want to enjoy the easy earning environment. There is a very good scope even for small business owners in Swaziland.
      Swaziland Passport holders are entitled Visa FREE entry in to Canada upto 6 months. Many countries issue VOA (Visa on Arrival) to Swaziland passport holders.

      If you register a company in Swaziland, as there is NO Swaziland embassy in Pakistan, your work permit will be automatically approved. The Swaziland embassy in Kuala Lumpur is designated for Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Iran. So once your Work Permit is approved, you can collect your Work Permit from QADKAM office in Kuala Lumpur. Even if you wish, you can request for Invitation Letter for Malaysian Visit visa from QADKAM office Malaysia. Another option is..when your work permit is approved, it can be sent to you visa courier then you will be required to apply South African TRANSIT Visa from Pakistan. Normally, when your Swaziland work permit is already approved, South African High Commission issues Transit Visa within 10 to 15 Days without any problem. Then you can come Directly from Pakistan to Swaziland. Otherwise the easiest way is, when your work permit is approved, simply travel to Kuala Lumpur, and get your work permit Stamp on your passport at Swaziland Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. Once a work permit is approved, Swaziland embassy in Kuala Lumpur stamp the passport in 3 to 5 working days.
      Time is changing very quickly. Always respond to the opportunity before the time changes.

      One of our consultant has already responded to your inquiry. Please check your inbox.

  • Pat says:

    I will like to know if a South Africa Quota Work Permit holder needs a visa to enter Swazi to set up business. Also like to know countries that S.A Work Permit holder can enter without visa or without much stress.

    • Swazi says:

      Pat>> It depends on your Nationality. If you hold a passport of a country which does not require visa to enter into Kingdom of Swaziland, you can enter visa free. Otherwise you have to contact nearest Swaziland embassy in South Africa. Swaziland has it’s embassy in Pretoria, South Africa and one Consulate in Johannesburg. The Johannesburg consulate is located at:

      6th Floor Braamfontein Centre, 23 Jorrison Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, South Africa
      Tel: +27 (11) 403 2026/2050

      The citizens of following countries do NOT require visa to enter in Swaziland:

      Andorra, Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Barbados, Belgium, Belize, Bermuda, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Botswana, Brazil, British virgin islands, Brunei, Burkina faso, Cayman islands, Channel islands, Chile, China, Cook islands, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominica, Estonia, Faeroe islands, Falkland islands, Finland, France, Gambia, Germany, Ghana, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Grenada, Guyana, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Malaysia, Maldives, Malta, Mauritius, Monaco, Montserrat, Mozambique, Namibia, Nauru, Netherlands, New zealand, Niue, Norfolk island, Northern Mariana island, Norway, Occupied Palestinian territory, Papua new guinea, Pitcairn, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Korea reunion, Russia, Saint helena, Saint lucia, Saint Pierre and miquelon, San marino, Serbia and montenegro, Seychelles, Sierra leone, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Solomon islands, South Africa, Spain, Svalbard and Jan Mayen islands, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tanzania, Timor-leste, Tokelau, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey,Turks and Caicos islands, Tuvalu, Uganda, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Uruguay, USA, Vanuatu, vatican city, Wallis and Futuna islands, Western samoa, Yuguslavia, Zambia, Zimbabwe

  • Olanipekun Familusi says:

    Sir, is it Possible to come to Swaziland and work even if you don’t have enough money to registered a company on your own? As for me now I don’t have upto USD4000 to register a company but ii wish to relocate to Swaziland with the little I have to do some business with it or if possible look for a Job.

    • Swazi says:

      Familusi>>You Must have Work Permit to to job or business. If you don’t have enough money then it’s better to find a job through online search engines. But frankly..in Swaziland ONLY businessmen are earning too much otherwise jobs are not so good. Although high profile people are always most welcomed even in Government job sector. But if you really want to explore the best opportunities then consider to start business in Swaziland as there are much more potential in business earnings as compare to doing job for some one else. Even a small internet cafe or small grocery shop owner may earn MORE than $2000 to $4000/ per month easily (with a little ONE time investment of only $4000 to $6000).

      • Umair says:

        Dear SWAZI,
        Good Day!!

        i saw your below message on http://www.swazilandvisa.com:-

        You Must have Work Permit to to job or business. If you don’t have enough money then it’s better to find a job through online search engines. But frankly..in Swaziland ONLY businessmen are earning too much otherwise jobs are not so good. Although high profile people are always most welcomed even in Government job sector. But if you really want to explore the best opportunities then consider to start business in Swaziland as there are much more potential in business earnings as compare to doing job for some one else. Even a small internet cafe or small grocery shop owner may earn MORE than $2000 to $4000/ per month easily (with a little ONE time investment of only $4000 to $6000).

        So i am interested to open a small grocery business in Switzerland with small investment so please can you advise complete procedure? i live in Malaysia and before i live in Dubai but i am Pakistani national.

        waiting for your reply….!!

        Thanks / Umair

  • Cemen says:

    I agree with Donna. The reason for resufal would have made quite clear to you at the time and yet you don’t mention it in your question.The only reason you would have a National Insurance card in your name is if you were working. If you were on a visitors visa, you should not have been be working. The fact that you have a UK bank account in a country you are only visiting is not that unusual, but added to the NI card it is almost certainly looking as though you worked when you were last in the UK. UKBA can now check bank accounts of people seeking entry to the UK. If you have had regular payments such as a salary paid into it from a UK source, or made regular cash payments into it when you were last in the UK, that would prove you broke the conditions of your visa.If this is the case, you will almost certainly be refused a visitors visa again. You will also struggle to get a visa in any other EU country as immigration information is shared between the EU countries now.

  • Ajayi Adesegun says:

    Dear Qadkam,
    Am a nigerian an i intend to register my company in swaziland please i want to know the total cost in US dollars to have this company name ONWARD SPORTS INTERNATIONAL registered .

  • ADNAN ANWER says:


    • Swazi says:

      Adnan>> Please send your passport copy to info@SwazilandVisa.com to receive the official Quotation.

      As Swaziland has very limited embassies around the world, your Swaziland Work Permit will be approved automatically. You can bring your wife, children (under 21 years) and parents on such Work Permit.
      Your company registration in Swaziland including Swaziland Company Director Work Permit will cost you around US$4000.

  • LN.M.M.IQBAL says:

    we are interested to set up company in swaziland for doing business their,pls.inform us the procedures n fee.